?ima?ki is one of the important Toponyms in old Elamite Period. Until now, there has been no agreement among archaeologists on the location of this Toponym. This article wants to show why the Kerman Province cannot be the good candidate for this Toponym. For this purpose, the authors used the archaeological and written documents. An important integrative analysis of archaeological survey data with evidence from the written sources renders it undeniable that the ?ima?ki region was richly endowed with administrative state enumerated in the texts. The precise geographical range of transactions sites documented is not known since the locations of the most of the geographical names in the texts are unknown or not established beyond question. In general we are dealing with an administrative region that includes most of the environs of the southern or southwestern parts of modern Iran. Exactly how close to Kerman the administrative sphere of the ?ima?ki system extended is still debated but, it might have reached all the way to this easternmost of the Persian heartland. Obviously, it is possible that these purviews overlapped.