About the publication The Journal of Archaeological Studies of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran, is a scientific journal that is published in two issues a year. This is a percentage magazine to publish articles with original and new ideas and scientific content. Archeology is the study of human cultures through the retrieval, documentation, and analysis of human material remains, such as architecture, handicrafts, human remains, or the earth. The ultimate goal of archeology is to shed light on human history and the rise and fall of civilization. Hence, many other disciplines of humanities such as history, Gita, geology and anthropology have been linked to this human knowledge. However, the science of archeology has undergone fundamental changes not only in the principles and methods of research, but also in its goals for several decades. "Archeology gives a special cultural meaning to these documents and heritage of the past by understanding the concepts of the heritage of the past based on the relics left inside and outside the soil." In Iran, along with the excavations of the Persians, the knowledge of archeology expanded among a few graduates and intellectuals in this field. Among them were great people who, on the one hand, had a great share in establishing and organizing the foundations of archeology and comprehensive practical research in this field in Iran. Archeology is not only about exploring and finding historical events, but also about geology, life of the earth, botany, anthropology and hundreds of other things. Paleontology and futurism: As mentioned, archeology only wants to prove and introduce with observations and science, so it relies on sayings and writings only as a source and a guide. In today's world, many sayings or They have been recognized as a principle for the people without research or have been written by people with their personal tastes. Ethnography, physical anthropology and other related fields in Iran and neighboring countries. The purpose of publishing this journal is to reflect the ongoing archaeological research in Iran at the international level.