Peer Review Process

  • Every article includes atitle, an abstract,keywords(5 to 7words), an introduction,a mainbody,a discussion,a conclusion, andreferences. Through a word format, it should be printed 24 lines per page on a 30 Í 21 centimeters sheet with B Nazanin font (and Times New Roman for English-written articles) in size of 13, and themargins of 5 cm (on top and bottom of the page) and 4.5 cm (on left and right of the it), and then should be sent to the e-mail address of a Pdf file of it. The font size of Abstract and Keywords should be 10. In addition any Persian article should have an English abstract written with the font of Times New Roman in size 0f 12 with 250 words in maximum. The author’s (authors’) name, his (their) academic rank(s), the name of the university (universities) he is (they are) teaching in or has (have) been instructed in, and his (their) e-mail (s) and call-numbers should be inserted on a separate paper or file.

  • The article size, including allits componentsmust notbemore than20 pages.

  • The abstract, including the expression of the problem, the purpose of the article, the research methodology and findings, should provide the reader an overall image of article in almost 250 to 300 words.