Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor Department of Archaeology, Art University of Isfehan

2 Institute of Archaeology, University of Tehran


This paper examines some of the results of the archaeological survey conducted in Ardabil Province in summer 2001. Ardabil Province is situated in northwest Iran and in the neighborhood of of Azerbaijan Republic. The survey of the surrounding area gives an account of the different graves. The greaves are characterized by simple grave; Megalithic graves with and without Stele and Kurgan mound. The large Megalithic are a form of graves with large stone structure, such as Gale Khosro and Shahrieri. The burial mounds or Kurgans are a form of monumental architecture found throughout Ardabil Province, in Meshkinshar, Idier and Gozalou near Parsabad. Most of the graves in Ardabil Province are dated to the late Chalcolithic -early Bronze Age to Iron Age.