Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Archaeology, University of Tehran

2 Ph. D Candidate, Department of Archaeology, University of Tehran


Qoheston is a region in the southeastern Khorasan which includes Kashmar, Tabas, Ferdos, Birjand, Qaen, Torbate Haidarie, Khaf and Taibad cities. This region is surrounded by Sabzevar and Nishaboor from north, central desert from west, Sistan and Kerman from south and Naomid plains from east. In addition to the geographical and climatic characteristics of the region the abundance of historical castles characterizes it from the other parts of Iran. This paper aims at study political, social, economic and geographical history of the Qohestan in order to understand the Qohestan culture. Moreover, the functionality of the castles the as well as the position and distribution of the castles also were studied.