Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D Candidate, Tehran Islamic Azad University, Science and Researche Centre

2 MA in Archaeology, University of Tehran


According to historical sources, in time of Oljaito reign the city was built at the foot hills of Bisotun mountain that called Sultan Abad-e Chamchamal. It was a main political region during the Ilkhanid period.
Due to the lack of archaeological studies, the exact position of this important site remains unclear and its exact location is the problems questioned in the archaeology of that region.
In this paper, first, we are going to show the probable location of Sultan Abad-e Chamchamal based on the historical sources, then by analyzing data which were gathered from our archaeological survey as well as linguistic information. We maintain that Sultan Abad-e Chamchamal may be located at the modern Tepe Hala Bag where the previous studies have no chance to discover it.