If we consider the starting of Achaemenian Empire in 559 BC, the year that Cyrus, the second, came to power and its ending in 332 BC, the year that Iran was conquered by Alexander, the Macedonian, in these 227 years of military and political development of Achaemenian empire, some of the nations and countries for example Egypt, within Achaemenian territory came under Iranian military, economic and political power which were known as Achaemenian settled Satrapies. Achaemenian Suez Canal was an important project in that a Nile-Suez canal is to facilitate contact by ship between the Mediterranean Sea or the Nile Valley (especially Lower Egypt) or both and the Red Sea and the points in the east more specifically, one or more of the northeast African coasts, (south) Arabia, the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.
Saith King Darius: ‘I am a Persian. Setting out from Persia, I conquered Egypt. I ordered this canal dug from the river called the Nile that flows in Egypt, to the sea that begins in Persia. When the canal had been dug as I ordered, ships went from Egypt through this canal to Persia, even as I intended.’
There are some typical archaeological materials in Egypt that refer to Achaemenids: the inscriptions of Darius I in the banks of Suez Canal.