Chah?rmah?l-o-Bakhtiy?r? Province has an area of some one percent of the area of Iran and is situated in the northern basin of Karun river, which is one of the most vital flows of the south-west Iran. For various reasons, the region has been ignored in the national archeological studies. In a quick glance, the present study seeks to show the significance of the findings obtained in the course of two decades of archeological surveys conducted by the Iranian and foreign researchers. Offering some generalities of the related archeological facts, the article aims to attract the attention of researchers, experts and those interested in the Iranian archeological studies to this not-very known region. It hopes to open new horizons into the purposeful scientific surveys which aim at the examination of the developmental stages of human societies in the mountainous area of Chah?rmah?l-o-Bakhtiy?r?.