Historians and geographers of the early and middle centuries of the Islamic period have recorded a place known as Veymeh or Deymeh in their writings, which have apparently been among the major flourishing cities in that era. In terms of reputation and prosperity, the city was mentioned in parallel with some significant and large cities such as Dam?vand, Kh?r and Shalanbeh and was known even to be larger than some of those cities.
The geographical boundaries of the city are mentioned by some historians to be within the area surrounded by Rey, Tabarest?n, and Dam?vand. Such records notwithstanding, and in spite of the studies carried out by some contemporary researchers, the accurate location of the city has not been specifically identified, and the views held on the present-day location of the city of Veymeh is a question the answer to which is in need of further accuracy. In the course of an archeological research in the city of Fir?zk?h in 2002, authors of the present article came across the above problem and decided to conduct a careful and intensive study to identify the geographical location of the city of Veymeh or Deymeh and its present-day location. What this paper presents is the findings of the above researches.