Bardsir region is one of the richest regions of metallic deposits, especially copper, in the east of Iranian Plateau. Most of the metallic deposits in Bardsir region are located on the western and southwestern parts, in K?h Panj area. Some of the mines have been exploited since prehistoric times through historic to Islamic periods. The data presented here are collected during the second season of Bardsir Plain survey which was fulfilled in summer 2004. During this survey we found 27 mines and slag sites.
Most of the mines are horizontal open cast in shape, but there are examples of well-shaped mines. Based on preliminary observations on small assemblage of surface finds it seems that most mines were extracted in Islamic period. Slag sites produced more surface sherds than mines; these sherds dated to Islamic (essentially Safavid period) and Partho-Sassanid periods. We found a diagnostic sherd on a slag site which is comparable with Protohistoric ceramics. Some of the slag sites are located just beside the settlement sites, and by this factor we may consider them contemporary with these settlements. The mines and most of the slag sites are associated with small stone structures which were built with no use of mortar