The site of Tappeh Sabz (or Tepe Sebz) lies 6 kms to the north of the city of Behbahan and 100 meters away on the eastern side of the asphalt road that connects Behbahan to the cement factory and dam construction facilities of Water and Power Organization, at E 50° 7' 38" and N 30° 35' 12". The top of the mound rises to a height of 35–50 m above the surrounding ground level, from which one can look over the whole historical valley of Arj?n. The name of Tappeh Sabz comes from the agricultural activities carried out at this site which cause it to look green at most seasons.
The goal of choosing this systematic survey is to obtain statistical findings from the collected data in a methodical study of potteries and other finds in order to determine the chronology of this site. At the first step of the survey 3252 shells were gathered from the surface of the mound and classified. Based on the comparison of the archaeological finds, it seems that Tappeh Sabz is contemporary with Tchogh? Nabut, Tall-e Nokhodi, Tchogh? Mish, Juy and Susa. The proposed chronology for Tappeh Sabz is the Middle Susiana. Most of the shells have geometrical ornaments which are symmetrical.