Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Kashan

2 Assistant professor, Department of Archaeology, University of Kashan.

3 Associate professor, Department of Archaeology, University of Kashan.

4 M.A. in Archaeology, University of Kashan.


Archaeobotany is one of the interdisciplinary sciences in archaeology. Archaeobotany studies plant remains in archaeological contexts. Based on plant findings, it discusses topics such as people's livelihood, agriculture, vegetation, climate changes, dating, etc. So, this course can reply many questions of archaeologists about an ancient site and people. In recent years, archaeologists pay a lot of attention to this field and tried to use experts in excavations. One of the excavations that attention to archaeobotany, is Feyzabad site. This site has Islamic periods. In excavation in 2022 in this site, some ovens found, so sampling from them. In this research, we intend to answer questions such as the functioning of the sampled ovens, identification of plant remains in the ovens. Finally, by combining the information found, we will shed lighter on the lives of the people of this period. By doing this research, our information about the life of the people belonging to this area, their livelihood and the common types of plant remains used in this area will increase. Also, micro information about climatic conditions will be obtained.

After carrying out the necessary investigations and research, it was found that the ovens found in the trench D8 are related to cooking related to the inner part of the royal citadel. Besides the more specialized work that is being done, animal husbandry and agriculture are popular. Some climate changes such as warmer weather and less humidity were also identified.