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2 Assistant Professor Department of archaeology,shiraz university of art



Sirjan plain in southeast Iran has many settlement areas from different periods, one of which is the Bagh Bamid site in the northwest of the current city of Sirjan, which according to written sources, is called Beymand. According to the study of written sources and archaeological findings, it was determined that the Bagh-Bamid area was the same Beymand city of in the early Islamic centuries. Studying the pottery of this site between the 1st to 7th centuries, AH to make a typology and chronology of these findings is the objective of the current research and seeks to answer these questions: Pottery findings in this site include which types of pottery? What period does pottery belong to in terms of chronology? According to the comparison of pottery findings, what are regional and transregional interactions with other neighboring and remote sites? The research was conducted by field and library methods with a descriptive-analytical and comparative approach. The typological comparison of the pottery samples of Bagh-Bamid area show well the similarity of different types of pottery with the pottery of nearby areas such as the old city of Sirjan and more distant ones such as the ancient city of Jiroft, Narmashir and so on.


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