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Gorgan plain is part of the early part land of the Parthian government. In the summer of 2012, a prominent role was identified in the village of Ziarat, located on the heights of the Gorgan plain, which is currently the only Newly identified to the Hircani area and northeast of Iran. Due to the lack of inscriptions and similar work in the north-eastern region of Iran for comparative study, the main research questions include the Relative chronology of prominent role ? And assessing the position of the prominent role in the context of the region's cultural sequence? Is. this study attempts to study the work in a specific spatial and temporal range, to study the construction technique, let's answer the research questions. The results of this study indicate the importance of Ziarat Valley as the main highway of Gorgan to Semnan plain and this route during the Parthian period has played an important role in the formation of Parthian settlements in the region. By placing the work within the distribution of Parthian settlements in the region as a separate settlement cluster, as well as studying the art style and technique of making the work and its similarity to other prominent Parthian motifs, this work was probably under construction by the political elite of the Parthian period. For some unknown reason, it remains unfinished. Also, the ancient Hircan was once occupied by the first Tyrdad and subsequently by the Third Antiochus, and this record may be one of these events.